Rick Perry for President 2012?

Every few months we get subjected to another Rick Perry 2012 boomlet.

Let me make a suggestion: do not take any article seriously that suggests Governor Perry is running for president unless it mentions at least a few facts (which I outlined a few weeks ago in Spanish, mas o menos)

1. An important slice of Perry’s political team has signed on with Newt Gingrich.
2. Gov Perry decided to be the head of the Republican Governor’s Association
3. Is the nation really going to sandwich four years of Obama with Texas governors?

Points one and two reveal the same thing: Perry has shown zero interest in running for president. He decided to forgo a 2012 presidential run when he became the head of the RGA. That’s not an unbreakable commitment, of course, but it’s not nothing. If you think there’s any chance that you’ll be running for president, you don’t became RGA Chair. And you definitely keep your political team from signing up with others . . . which happened in the last few months. So he still wasn’t considering a 2012 run recently and unless Newt drops out (looks significantly more likely after his gaffe on Meet the PRess), you have to wonder if he wants to start a presidential run with completely different staff.

Finally, the third point. Texans know it is far from the truth, but the rest of the nation would view Perry as “the next George W. Bush.” That’s a tough place to start a campaign in this cycle. Getting over Texas fatigue is a pretty large X factor.

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  1. neo says:


    From Colorado
    Run! Run! Run! Run! for president
    Come to Colorado and run for governor of Colorado

  2. MC says:


  3. D.L. Hodo says:

    Gov. Perry:

    No way in hell will I vote for you for president. The Texas border is my reason.

    I’d vote for Palin, Paul, or anyone else that talked of closing the Texas border, and I mean CLOSING!!!

    D.L. Hodo
    Capt ret.

  4. John says:

    We need another Reagan before Obama destroys this country. Perry may rpt may be the one. Am willing to do all that I can to have him enter the race and state his positions. If I agree with him, will do all that I can to see that he defeats the greatest threat I have seen to this country in my 69 years. I thought that Carter was bad; however, Obama has far surpassed him in only a bit over 2.5 years. Face it, Obama is doing his best to destroy this country.

  5. Jim HArris says:

    Am I the only one who remembers that Perry supported Al Gore???????? What does that tell you about his politics.

    Jim Harris

  6. Kevin says:

    On Perry’s years as a Democrat, we submit this analysis by Rice U Prof Mark Jones for your consideration:


  7. Jesse T. says:

    You idiots that constantly say Obama has destroyed this country are clueless. The country was already destroyed by Bush and company. I left the Republican party when the wanna be Tea Party came into view. Racism is the tea for today with that crowd. The Republican party is no more after those dummies. I don’t think any of them really know what investing in or on your country like the men and women who fight for them to spew out their BS. Yeah, I am a Reagan and Bush 41 Republican and now Independent who will now vote who is best for the country. Rick Perry is one of those politicians who will never be President of The United States of America. Maybe Cuba.

  8. Rudy Espinoza says:

    As far as I am concerned, Rick Perry is about the wisest choice in the republican ticket. And please, if I may, allow me to share some points as to why: Perry is the closest to sharing some views with the hispanic constituents. Although to the hispanic democrats Rick Perry has only a little bit of acceptance. But why Perry? Well somehow, as the old say says “when the ship sinks, the rats are the first ones to come out.” Or as many years ago when that plane fell on the Andes and the people ate the dead to survive, in business is the same; when sales decrease, the salesforce feed on each other. The economical problems we face are quite not really related to “illegal alliens.” (or hispanics lookalikes). first6 the KKK mindset rained on any muslim lookin person, now we took it a bit higher. KKK with GESTAPO tactics against hispanics, (politicians are always looking for someone or something to blame for their difficiencies, and will always attempt to cover them with scapegoats). Sure, we will quickly fill the agriculture and all those ugly jobs pretty fast. {sure it will happen, in your dreams} I am sorry to share with you as a contractor that in the Midland Odessa area most all the left over available help to do roofs are crackheads, winos, and crybabies. And the story goes further, much further, but you get the picture. May be it is not that way somewhere else, but taking a volatile attitude in the long run will be much more problematic. If you will again, let me share why. Hispanics are posed to become the majority in the US between 2030-2040. Man, do we see the world change fast. This is why Arabs can live in peace and harmony, because of past issues that never got healed. Although by death or undeserved prison, families were torn appart. I am hispanic, and the truth I am actually unhappy about hispanics running the country when yours, my children and grandchildren are grown. It just doesn’t give me any peace.
    I will rather see the I would rather see all the corruption of the lobbyist controled government be changed and cleaned from the inside out, including the voting citizens POOL leakage being plugged up ABBORTION.
    i HAVE SEEN HOW THE DEMOCRATS CREATE A VICIOUS CYCLE OF VOTER POOL BY GIVING FREEBIES TO PEOPLE WHO DO NOT WANT TO WORK. i know people who earn mire money by working six montha year and collecting unemplyment every six months, for six months for years unending and make more money with the free democrat money than working the full day.
    I believe, as the good old book says: “He that does not work, shall not eat,” of course with exceptions. It is time for the country to go back to production, I also got to see a 1988 new, brand new Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme fall appart due to extremely poor “Union” 32 hour weeks, full benefits, outrageously insane salaried Unionized worksmanship. And the blame, as I said can go on and on. It is time then to go back to the old drawing board and go back to basics. We know, from history that socialism will bring us to bankruptcy as it has done all the nations that have embraced it. As I said, Rick Perry is t has my vote. He is not a super salesman full of it.

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