Texas politics daily reading (14 November 2011)

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  • Houston politicians protest education cuts – Anna Gallegos, Houston Chronicle

    Three months into the school year, lawmakers and parents are angry about the effects of the $5 billion cut from schools by the Texas Legislature.

    The “$4 billion cut” lie keeps spreading (and now growing)! Do Texas journalists have no standards?

  • Dewhurst set to release first TV spot (with video) – Jason Embry, First Reading

    Sullivan said Sunday that the pledge Kronberg referenced is nowhere in his group’s materials.

    Kronberg posted an update Monday saying that Sullivan was right, that statement was not in Sullivan’s materials. Kronberg said in an email, “The offending sentence was added by the respondent and all the answers did not show up on the copy when uploaded. I did not catch the change since I worked from the original I had received.”

    In an email he circulated Saturday, Sullivan said, “You may have seen Harvey Kronberg issued a blast e-mail today about our candidate questionnaire. It’s news to Harvey, but we’ve been sending out the questionnaire for weeks… “

    Embry buried the lede in this post (the lockstep Texas political media do tend to cover for each other), so we gave it a little more attention.

  • Looks like another speaker’s race – Paul Burka, BurkaBlog

    The appalling Michael Quinn Sullivan seems to be determined to try once more to undermine Speaker Straus.

    See above.

    Also keep in mind that nasty lede next time anyone refers to Burka as a “journalist.” He’s become an ideological hack (see “Meltdown”) with a gossip blog, and lately he’s embarrassing himself more than the “targets” of his criticism.

  • Memo to voters: There's no free lunch – Ross Ramsey, Texas Tribune

    The courts might give lawmakers the guidance they’re not getting — at least not clearly — from voters.


    Politicians have to be careful how they talk about such things for fear of setting off activists and voters tuned to anything that sounds like a new tax or spending plan, a violation of the current Republican orthodoxies in Texas.

    Not “Republican orthodoxies” but majority will in Texas.

    Ross Ramsey (not to mention Texas Tribune editors) seems to have lost track of the narrative. On the one hand, Ramsey editorializes lawmakers are not getting guidance from voters. But a few grafs later, Ramsey editorializes that voter guidance is so clear that it is an orthodoxy!

    The real narrative is this: The growing “$4 billion education cut” lie, the “structural deficit” talk, the “sensible Republicans talking about finance” meme, even Burka’s recent angry outbursts — this steady stream of stories from the Texas lockstep political media all signal one thing: Texas taxpayers better hold on tightly to their wallets come the next legislative session.

  • While the rest of us . . . – Unca Darrell
  • UT Dean praises UT Faculty Productivity in New Report – Reeve Hamilton, Texas Tribune
    Unsurprisingly, a UT Dean finds that UT professors are the BESTEST!
  • Popping The Ted Cruz Bubble – Kevin Brennan, Hotline On Call/National Journal

    Those results, which come from live-call surveys that follow best-practices methodology most top-quality pollsters use, stand starkly at odds with the only available public poll, which was conducted by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune, which showed Dewhurst’s support much lower and Cruz’s support marginally higher.

    That public survey used an opt-in survey panel — that is, it drew from a pool of respondents who had signed up to take surveys online. It is not a methodology that is widely used by political professionals, nor recognized by many media outlets, including National Journal….

  • Bexar now on 'Annie's List' – Brian Chasnoff, San Antonio Express-News

    There’s a new PAC in town.

    It’s called Annie’s List, a political action committee with thousands of women donors across the state who fund a slick operation that “recruits, trains and elects women, even if they don’t know those women,” says its executive director, Robert Jones.”

    “Women” is misleading. “Liberal women” is accurate.

  • Perry avoids gaffes at GOP foreign policy debate – Jason Embry and Chuck Lindell, Postcards
  • The muzzling of Ron Paul and the GOP debate – Jim Picht, Washington Times
  • Perry blows chance to be the anti-Romney – Byron York, Washington Examiner

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