Texas politics daily reading (22 April 2011)

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  1. Kevin says:

    ** Texas Exes Back UT President Bill Powers – Patricia Kilday Hart, Chron Texas Politics
    Has anyone seen a semblance of the other side in Kilday Hart’s reporting/opinion on this? **

    The Texas Exes were a nice way either to pile on (now that the story’s run its course) or to keep the manufactured controversy alive, since an alumni group SO invested in the notion that their University is the BEST school on earth (and perhaps even one of the best THINGS on earth) was certainly going to vigorously defend their institution once it was portrayed by media as under assault by Perry/Sandefer/TPPF and “Shadow Chancellor” O’Donnell.

    Too often lately, Hearst Austin seems to have a story they are determined to tell (instead of taking a more balanced approach).

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