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  1. Kevin says:

    ** Will Texas Supreme Court revise Open Beaches decision? – Lisa Falkenberg, Houston Chronicle **

    I held my comments on this one because I suspect there may be some disagreement among the editors (certainly I have property-rights purist friends on the Right who disagree with me) but….

    I’m hopeful the Texas Supreme Court will remove itself from this debate in its “do over.”

    For many years, the Texas Open Beaches Act has served the state well — and has enjoyed strong support among Texans. If we want to have a big property-rights debate or want to weaken the Open Beaches Act, let’s have that debate via the open political process. That would be preferable to the judicial branch reworking the Open Beaches Act by judicial fiat in response to legal action by a Californian (preferable to me anyway).

  2. Evan says:

    Worth breaking out into a blog post? We certainly don’t agree on all of the commentary in the Daily Reading.

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